Enhance Gut Health

Enhance Horse Health During Times of Stress with this Supplement. Can be Used with any Medications.


  • A complete product focuses on gut integrity
  • Enhance fiber digestibility
  • Promotes coat and hoof quality
  • Can be used with all medications

  • Formulated With


Synergy Essence™ essential oil technology

  • A proprietary blend of essential oil
  • A pure and consistent source of essential oil

ActiFibe® prebiotic fiber

  • A food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Promotes a balanced gut microflora

Microbial Catalyst

  • Promotes fiber digestibility
  • Enhance utilization of vitamin B12


Directions for Use

Feed 1 oz. per head per day (one heaping tablespoon).

Tablespoon included.

Name Product # Sizes
EquiFibe™ 7530-3 3 lb
EquiFibe™ 7530-10 10 lb
EquiFibe™ 7530-40 40 lb