Jumpstart Forage Preservation

Preserve Silage and Improve Livestock Performance with this Inoculant and Microbial Catalyst


  • Rapidly preserve silage
  • Reduce dry matter loss
  • Enhance palatability and nutrition
  • Works in a variety of moistures
  • Effective during liquid or dry application

  • Formulated With


CoMax® the microbial catalyst

  • Stimulates beneficial bacteria
  • Promotes lactic acid production

SoluMin® mineral technology

  • Makes Sila-Max™ extremly soluble
  • Potent during liquid or dry application

Micro-Encapsulated Inoculant

  • A proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria
  • Rapidly reduces pH


Directions for Use

Sila-Max® Wet Application: Mix 1 lb (1 package) with water to treat 200 tons of fresh silage. See label for mixing rates. Sila-Max® Dry Application: High Moisture Grains: Apply 1-2 lbs of Sila-Max® per ton of grain Silages: Apply 1-2 lbs of Sila-Max® per ton to corn, sorghum and alfalfa silage green chop when the crop is placed in the silo, pile or bunker.

Name Product # Sizes
Sila-Max® for Liquid Application 2037-1 1 lb
Sila-Max® for Liquid Application OMRI 2218-1 1 lb
Sila-Max® for Dry Application 6662-50 50 lb


Sila-Max® Impacts Production in China
The use of Sila-Max® in China has made significant improvements in cattle production.

Sila-Max® For Quality Silage Outcomes
Boost silage quality with Sila-Max®.