Sow Nutrition


Best-Cost Sow Production

Maximize Profit with Technologically Advanced Swine Nutrition


  • Promotes energy intake for maximum milk production
  • Enhances reproductive performance
  • Diets have lower heat increment
  • More productive days
  • Enhances body condition


Net Energy Formulation

  • Reduce effects of heat stress
  • Greater value placed on lower heat increment ingredients

Crystalline Amino Acids

  • Highly digestible
  • Promotes performance

Supplemental Enzymes

  • Promote nutrient digestibility
  • Allow lower fat, soybean meal and phosphorus supplementation

Minimize Environmental Impact

  • Less phosphorus in diets
  • Promotes air quality


Directions for Use

See tag for feeding directions.

Name Product # Sizes
Sow Base 80 - 0.75 5423-40 40 lb
EnMax® Sow Premix 10 5512-50 50 lb
EnMax® Sow VTM 5.0 5525-50 50 lb
Sow Basemix 80 5823-40 40 lb
GroMax XE3 5502 50 lb


Measuring and Managing Sow Feed Performance
Measure sow feed performance for great productivity.