Boar Nutrition


High-Performance Boars

Enhance the Performance of Boars with Premium Nutrition


  • Promote performance during heat stress
  • Contains organic trace minerals
  • Lower cost rations
  • Compatible with a variety of by-products
  • Formulated to meet specific production goals


Regano® EX

  • Promote semen quality

Net Energy Formulation

  • Actual energy boars use for performance
  • Greater value placed on lower heat increment ingredients

Crystalline Amino Acids

  • Promote digestion
  • Enhance efficiency

Supplemental Enzymes

  • Promote digestibility
  • Allow lower fat, soybean meal and phosphorus supplementation


Directions for Use

See tags for feeding directions.

Name Product # Sizes
Boar Base 50 w/ 2.0# Regano® EX 5094-50 50 lb