NAP Nursery Nutrition


KickStart Nursery Performance

Ease the Transition to the Nursery, Promote Performance with High-Energy Easily Digestible NAP Diets


  • A flexible program
  • Utilize NAP ingredients to support both nutrition and health
  • A long history of providing quality natural products
  • Formulated to match physiological development
  • Pigs do more than start - they rally


Follows a Host of NAP Production Guidelines

  • Non-animal protein (NAP)
  • No animal fat

Highly Digestible Ingredients

  • Maintain gut health
  • Promotes quicker transition to grain-based diet

Promote Feed Intake

  • Highly palatable ingredients
  • Strawberry flavor in early nursery diets

Crystalline Amino Acids

  • Highly digestible
  • Promotes performance

Supplemental Enzymes

  • Promote digestibility
  • Allow lower fat, soybean meal and phosphorus supplementation


Directions for Use

See tags for feeding directions.

Name Product # Sizes
EnMax® Nursery Premix 15 5510-45 45 lb
Nursery Basemix 65 5824-65 65 lb
KickStarter™ NAP Stage 1 Pellet 5015-50 50 lb
KickStarter™ Basemix NAP 5087-51 50 lb