Hay Fresh™


Flexible Baling

Bale Higher Moisture Hay with this Organic Acid, Inoculant and Microbial Catalyst


  • Start baling earlier in the day
  • Bale later at night
  • Bale in more humid conditions
  • Reduce heating
  • Will not rust baler

  • Formulated With


SoluMin® mineral technology

  • Makes Hay Fresh™ extremly soluble
  • Granules quickly dissolve

Organic Acid

  • Rapidly reduces pH
  • Reduces heating and mold

CoMax® the microbial catalyst

  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity
  • Promotes lactic acid production


Directions for Use

Hay: Apply 2 lbs of Hay Fresh™ per ton of cured hay chop. Small bales may be baled up to 24% moisture and large round or square bales may be baled up to 20% moisture. Baled hay should be stored when dry or cured enough for a minimal of heat. 25% moisture is the absolute maximum storage amount.

Name Product # Sizes
Hay Fresh™ 6665-50 50 lb